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comparison videos?
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Good documentaries recommendations?
the Q anon documentary on HBO especially for learning about fred brennan + 3 more
what comes after the web?
yeah theyre called ai + 2 more
on  monkfish
Fake shatter
this is what the test borg is for
My experience on LittleBiggy
and now we are one bigga stronger. all it takes is right here, appreciating each other.
on  [music]
senser states of mind
wow now i really want a time machine. its funny their stuff sounds like it could be 2000s mash up or even today's post-rap punk revival
on  {gaming}
Anyone tried The Occupation?
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What is Neo Feudalism?
yes, were hard wired for this shit + 3 more
best term for non-stoners?
haters. im old school.
AI So What. There will always be work.
If there is work for humans it has to be something A.I. can't do. We are all teaching it to do everything, even (especially) right here. I think its…
The Repressive, Authoritarian Soul of Thomas the Tank Engine (New Yorker)
percy will be punished for this
Ripped me off
Why didn't you just go to escrow suisse and dispute it?
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best xmas punk song?
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Ludwig Wittgenstein: a mind on fire
sativa fo shiz
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Top Play To Earn Tokens by Market Capitalization
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little biggy criticism thread
I dont understand the role of content on little biggy, sometimes it's interesting or funny and sometimes its over the top advertorial or shit posting … + 2 more
on  {science}
Strange answers to the psychopath test
We get so used to our own minds that its hard to see how people can be so fundamentally different.
PM Calls for Strict Privacy
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Notice of withdrawal from public discourse.
seriously 9.8 rating on tons of sales is anyone better than that?
Express your opinion about vendors sharing the tracking code
Good answer and im glad youre records arent so tied to each other :)