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share coldspurs and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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comparison videos?
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5 reasons you should consider drops
scale, its work for a seller to keep the fresh drops rolling.
on  [music]
senser states of mind
wow now i really want a time machine. its funny their stuff sounds like it could be 2000s mash up or even today's post-rap punk revival
to jj : resurrection
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There Used to Be Aliens in Our Galaxy, but They Killed Themselves Off
species in general reckon
on  [cities]
Best Big City for Quality of Life
You probably stepped on it's shit if you visited more than 5 years ago. Thank god they've cleaned things up quite a bit.
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Heligoland (The Shipping Forecast)
ha, i was using this song as a slow wake-up alarm for months.
Can someone tell me why Americans think guns are the definition of freedom?
It was a rural place and hunting was very common. If you start from that perspective and then think of the government coming in and taking the guns aw…
Barry Cooper Opsec Video
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Rastaman Wheel Out
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what comes after the web?
yeah theyre called ai + 2 more
devvy borg
payment processor requirements
would a litecoin payment processor be accepted?
Worst Star Trek Series of All Time?
Really? The 2nd season was annoying as any grade school social propaganda but I thought the 1st season was right up there near the best Trek. + 2 more
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Top Play To Earn Tokens by Market Capitalization
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any reference code ballers here?
nearly 3 thousand pounds, maybe 1/3 of it from bitcoin surges :)
dubai doobies?
go with edibles made from concentrates and a top stealth seller
How Would You Save the Roman Empire?
It wasn't morality they needed for that, it was capitalism
My experience on LittleBiggy
and now we are one bigga stronger. all it takes is right here, appreciating each other.
Diminishing Returns of Carts?
yes, its like the shit that burns easy is the good stuff and at the end you are left with tough residue.
best term for non-stoners?
haters. im old school.