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Cbd gummie and choc review from cbd ave
To start with I’ve never tried CBD before always sceptical about it and with thc readily available did not feel the need to try it.
How wrong I was, I normally wake and bake and do not feel right or normal unless I do, I’m sure loads of you know what I mean without that morning smoke I’m a nightmare moody sweating and snappy with the wife ( she knows straight away when I haven’t smoked) instead of smoking my usual morning joint I ate 5 gummies nice taste well made btw. After an hour or so didn’t feel the need for smoke and didn’t punch the wife (only joking not a beater) all in all a great first time experience and would definitely recommend as an alternative.

I have not tried choc yet but if it’s half as good as gummies it will be a treat. Great vendor great product nice packaging quick delivery. Thanks cbd ave for my first but defo not last cbd experience.
CBD ave
CBD ave9.5/10
Thanks highlife for great review ;) Glad you enjoyed the gummies. It’s nice to hear when someone else likes them too. Thanks cbd ave
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