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RB's loose cali.
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420 Sale - 17th April until midnight 20th April. 2021
Nice one! got my eye on the oil refinery co extrac…
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Who are the best home grow vendors?
No prob, i've got them bookmarked too, eagerly wai… + 2 more
the moral inferiority of veganism
Do you not see the hypocrisy in that? you can't cl…
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Another disappointed customer
Did you order before his stated cut off point for …
Ordered 2 Packs Mix or Match
i frequently waste silly money on cali on here and…
Wedding Crashers
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Initiative: Less rounding up and prices in pounds
appreciate you putting this up here, this needs to…
Super Hans inconsistent
realised this was a troll post after i saw "r…
New Strains
you can't fake 100+ sales mate, i've ordered from … + 3 more
Latest Hans strain review - the fantastic four!!
could not agree more mate, i'm on my 2nd lot of pi…
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Stoned gamers, show your rig / console
Just renewed my iracing sub this month, would abso…