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Main Administrator Here!!
Cheers for the heads up! Hope the surgery and reco…
Re thinking sending 1st class from now on and not delivering EU
Yeah true, only thing i could think of was someone… + 2 more
Cant believe it again Royal Mail
wondering if potential stealth issue since that ko… + 2 more
Away on business till tomorrow will be sending order after 6 tonight Tuesday .Customers effect with packages please read…
cheers for keeping us updated!! no worries here i …
on  epix
Kosher Dawg rosin pressing
Can't imagine that kosher flavor x 10, bet it's in…
on  epix
Review of jj5637901's Kosher Dawg
Got 2 more tins of kosher on the way so i'm sorted… + 2 more
Selection tin
Got one on the way, brilliant way to try multiple …
started topic + 5 more
Advice on Future Strains
Would love to see: Gelato Cheese Trainwreck any O…
Just made first choice which strain to source are grow Exodus Cheese
As mentioned in another topic, haven't seen / smok…
Items showing now thank you to everyone
Man i was so happy to log on to LB today and see y…
Strange how algorithm pick up information on the site
might be something to do with the sheer amount of …
Going to do a selection tin
Yeah mate you have every right to be frustrated, e… + 2 more
Picture of bud from new way done cure
I can almost smell that from here :) looks tasty
Stardawg This looks awesome
Yeah the pungent dank dawg taste just keeps me com… + 2 more
Repeat Customers
One of the best vendors on here, JJ's service and …
Future strains - SIRIUS BLACK :D
Cheers bud, thats some incredibly unique looking f… + 2 more
What I see QQ
Wow, wish i had something like that to gorp at whi…
Could i ask customers who bought from me search for my products
I can't see them on the main items page mate, same…