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Anyone heard of candy haze never seen it on here
Get sweetdreamz aka Dankhighz gone he is up for termination he will just do exactly same if he thinks he can get away wi…
Why are u posting things for no reason
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on  Bulkstop
New seller
Write your user name next to the products you are …
Cbd for muscle disorder
There is loads of uk sites that sell legal cbd pro…
Honest grading
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on  epix
Pope gone?
Thats why a said mate he seemed decent but its the… + 2 more
on  Ping
Wats your problem bro.
You show us proof that you are not your the banned…
on  sallyx77
nominate for termination
Dont try to scam enyone then by copying and pastin… + 20 more
This would be unreal for rosin pressing
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What strains would people like to see. Uk
Dropshipping lol
Nominate for termination
You show proof that you arent sweetdreamz if thats… + 11 more
on  Seno
Green Poison
And i miss the oldskool blues am sure its changed … + 5 more
on  Ping
People/items iv nominated for termination!!!!!
You keep asking for proof you show us proof that y… + 5 more
on  Seno
Many Xmas Scammers
I recognize that usermame turk am sure he was the …
how to smoke a moonrock?
Its mainly shatter and crumble but they involve bu… + 6 more
Voting me down with no proof comon
He knows it physically impossible thats why he is … + 8 more
EU customers
Clean up borg wouldn't say stay away for nothing b… + 5 more
New vendor!!!!
The proof is how you went about it and made it obv… + 4 more