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These Rosin carts are the absolute business
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What kind of cartridge mouth piece would you like?
UPDATE: After receiving my first order and trying… + 3 more
Good luck for the future and no hard feelings;) peace
Bigbum is nothing but a pain in the arse for most …
Block chain fees
Your welcome. $5-$7 was okay with me even though … + 2 more
Soap bar grade ?
Younger guys won't want to smoke this anyway. I d… + 2 more
Is this dabable?
It is great spread on a paper as i have been doing… + 2 more
Are all vendors this bad?
Here is a message from RB from another post. (It … + 2 more
How do we know it's genuine?
I would trust TGT because they are a reputable sel…
Absolute Joke!
Thats my thinking going into any purchase of weed … + 2 more
Does radar give out tracking code?
No worries over time you will know what is what. … + 3 more