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Soap bar grade ?
Younger guys won't want to smoke this anyway. I don't mean to generalise but the facts are the facts whether you like it or not. I have bought it tw… + 2 more
SN2D, Please help
You are comparing your 2nd order waiting time to your 1st order, with no acknowledgement that you got lucky getting it in 10 days the first time, i un…
Next cart
Try them all, make a hobby out of it. They are all good, i even have a Bubblegum which i would consider, on paper, to be one of my least favourites b…
Dropping Soon: Batch 7 Mimosa
You do what you do, it doesn't matter a fuck to me. + 4 more
Absolute Joke!
Thats my thinking going into any purchase of weed i have not had before, from anybody, no exceptions. Its a gamble and i will either enjoy it or i wo… + 2 more
Get into a habit of ordering a few weeks in advance, then you don't have to stare out the window every day waiting for the postie to walk up the path.… + 2 more