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Block chain fees
Your welcome. $5-$7 was okay with me even though … + 2 more
To photo reviewer No. 1
Good to know you enjoyed it. I have never had the… + 5 more
Next cart
Try them all, make a hobby out of it. They are al…
Has anybody tried higher dosage?
I have been there many times, trying to chase the …
Hurry hurry, before there's Zero left! Zero Zero Review
After having a half ounce of both the Double 0 and… + 2 more
Smoke or money?
In one ear and out the other. You posted twice to…
Please remove NDD
I agree about removing the NDD, it has no business…
No Mercy
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on  Sammy2912
Prices are ridiculous
There are two main reasons for a seller choosing t…
SN2D, Please help
You are comparing your 2nd order waiting time to y…
People who know the difference choose Rolex!
Great review. I got a half ounce of it as well an…
Are all vendors this bad?
Here is a message from RB from another post. (It … + 2 more
Too good to miss
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Strongest edibles
Something to think about, these are feedbacks for … + 4 more
Ordering multiple items
Best way is to message MJ to organise a custom ord…
A strange case
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New Accounts Having Problems
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