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Cancel order
Can i cancel order and get btc back if vendor has not sent or replied?its sitting on paid and vendor wont reply,it should have been sent yesturday but nothing changed on order,and seen vendor has reviews for next day and 2day which means he has been sending orders but not mine 😒
I had this happen with GardenofWeeden this week. Ordered a little sample and they didn't send within (I think) 4 days and I got a messgae form Transaxe saying send us your BTC address for a refund
Frustrating but… Maybe something came up?
Maybe parcels that are being reviewed are orders before yours?

Seller has 4 days to ship otherwise you’ll receive a refund automatically.
I’ve never heard of a 4 day auto-refund-if-not-sent policy…are you sure? I thought in any event Escrow investigate before refunding…
100% sure but probably not what you’re thinking.

status is :paid
needs to change to :sent

if its not its auto refunded.

Not the same as actually posting so a useful clarification but if the seller cant get online then buyers will get refunded.
Wow, that’s still pretty cool in principal! Like you say, the shown status and the actual status are two different things but that’s still useful to know- thanks ;)
Yea ur defo correct ther is an auto refund as seller has put on page saying few orders got auto refunded but dosnt make sense on my order it should hav been sent tuesday as ordered it monday morn at 8.30am and it stated all orders will be sent tues wed or fri,ahh well il jus let it go but not happy with seller not replying as he has been online and on messanger good few times so il just forget about this order 😔
Sounds like he/she is on it at least, but definitely frustrating not to get replies. Hope it gets sorted soon.
Thats cool il prob get a refund tomoro then as itl be 4days then and yea know wat yea mean shudnt jump but never had this vendor be so late but il let it go for another few days n hopfully money will go back in and was looking forward to the hash but sorta needed it before tomoro,thanks for advice 😎
I’ve never heard of auto refunds before you’ve even raised a dispute?!….but happy to learn- keep us informed!
Canadian Imports
We can confirm since the new update that vendors have off the top of our head we believe its 72hours before any order auto cancels please don't quote us on times as we have experienced this only once with a order that had incorrect shipping information and we had no response from the customer, the vendor is prompted with a message after 48hours and then after 72 it automatically cancels and returns funds to customer, there is also a option for customers to request a cancellation on orders but vendors have to agree to this before it is actually cancelled which doesn't really help if the vendor you went with won't reply, we hope this helps clear things up and hope you get your order sorted :)
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