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Thc gummies
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New batch of carts in stock - Please try! 5 giveaways for testing
I normally only try new vendors if they’ve got special offers or a reputation beyond reproach, neither of which you have at the moment……if either of … + 2 more
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Christmas postage is here Expect delays (24/11)
If you want it delivered on time use a vendor who offers tracked or special delivery as Royal Mail clear those daily this time of year while everythin…
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The Search for the Best RSO And Cookies
I got so RSO from Canadian imports last week, and it is very nice and not diluted as with some RSO vendors on here. If your after edibles check out M…
on  DeanVocal
UK THC vape cartridges
Gotta be mj Concentrates for taste and strength man, every cart from him has been top quality
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Recommendations for nice functional sativa?
I’ll second that, very disappointed with the sherbert cookies, gonna have to try make some canna butter out of it to try and salvage something out of …