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test borg
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we random test items on little biggy for harm.
share test borg and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Item Integrity Testing Beta
how to request testing
Test your Items
Rick Simpson Oil Test Results
Who’s RSO was this?
Well done DI!💚
Thanks TB!
Drugs Inc UK
Test borg tested our Rick Simpson Oil Leanbean..


d i
would also like to know whose it is! the colour of RSO has always made me really uncomfortable and not knowing what could be in there has kept away from trying it all these years even though RSO could be a total life changer for me
Do look out for Oilman if/when he has new grow and comes back on here. His RSO is legendary. A bit too strong for me but you can have complete faith in its purity👍
Good shout Polly, whacked him in my bookmarks just now, thanks!

i think the combination of his name "Oilman" and his reputation gives me enough confidence to consume this mysterious black oil :D
It's drugs inc UKs one, I've had it many times and absolutely love it, mix about a rice grain or two amount with a little peanut butter and you're off!
Great timing for me.
I’ve just landed some of that rso. I’ll do my normal edible recipe and see how it hits now I know the stats
by  reddy
what can be tested?
shatter sample i3jdnejr2z
Testing edible products
From Alpha to Beta
progress report and notice to sellers
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Vice Documentary on Contaminated Cannabis in Germany.
Excellent post, but no we can not be tricked like that. A seller never knows what delivery we receive, even if they requested the test themselves. We…
This Item Has Been Tested
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This item has been tested
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item testing on little biggy
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