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we random test items on little biggy for harm.
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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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this conducts an anonymized test of a non-random cannabis little biggy item you can select. carts, edibles, concentrates, hash, and plant material are all testable.

we test for toxins, you can otherwise specify what you are looking for eg thc/cbd levels,
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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
10/10 directed cannabis test
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How We Test
Hi test Borg,

I would like to get two things tested :

2)10ml bottle of THC/CBD full spectrum drops

Please advise on the hash sample amount and how we go about the whole endeavour..

I would need a breakdown of the total THC and CBD % present in each item, so I can clearly state the THC / CBD levels for said products, any toxins would be great also to ensure product/ customer safety.

I would be keen on getting a few hashes sampled as and when they become available to me.
I'm sure the community here would greatly appreciate the extra information this provides.

Thanks Test Borg
test borg
test borg10/10
you can now order a directed test for this.

after you order we will purchase the item from you directly.

because you ordered the test results are not made public unless you publish them. this can safely and confidentialy used for testing etc.
Now there's a seller who cares about their customers. Bravo!
test borg
test borg10/10
Thanks you exemplar you, we will PM.
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