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on  paddy420
Drugs Inc UK, solid and dependable vendor.
I also had a problem with TGT and all I had to do was speak to them for them to not only give me my 50% reship but also threw in 3.5 of gorilla glue. …
Real buds have stems
I haven't been online in a few days so haven't had a chance to comment. My friend recently ordered 14G of the Ice cream cake and recieved about 0.71 o… + 4 more
on  S.hoppin
Am I being played???????
Is this your first order? As long as you have ordered from a reputable vendor you're golden mate, just keep in touch with the vendor and be polite - …
Blunt man
on  Blunt man
Best budget weed/hash
JJ is good and a solid price - think that's part of the reason he is having so much success. I'm about to place my 2nd order with him (first was a lit…
Well done and nice one
+1 for Ron. Top man, you won't have any issues with him. Unless your called rastaman.
on  danp105
I had the exact thing you're describing happen to me. I waited a few days in your situation and then messaged the vendor again. He sent it out and apo… + 3 more
Can someone reply and let me know how strong these are? I have a high tolerance and really do need something to actually hit me.
Panic buying !!
Remember to work out as well.
on  Celtnw
Specifically weed? You'll want indica strains.
Bunny’s scout cookies
I'm tempted to buy an oz, but there's something about paying more than £10 a gram that just stops me unfortunately.
Ladies & Gentlemen...
JOE BLOGGS would be okay? rather than MR JOE BLOGGS
on  epix
New TGT Drop! (Banana Kush, Grape Pie, Thai String
Got some grape pie coming monday hopefully! Look forward to it! Might even grab 28G if it's as good as you say :)
Mr A
on  Mr A
Bruce Banner from RB
I'm looking to get something with a bit of taste to it, do you lads think Bruce Banner fits this description? I want some strong tasting stuff.
Cant enter my countrty in the address form???
One says to, the other says from United kingdom. Click the one that says to and it should give you a list.
Still waiting for the variety bag lads, hopefully the blonde hash is still in a couple weeks?
Free candy.... Almost free candy.
When you get quite high, you lose control of your focus, and don't finish the se
on  epix
Big TGT drop
and the taste of the grape ape? if you had to just keep one of g13 or grape which?
on  Kadafi
Royal mail depot
Did you get your post?