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What is your smoking song?
Well my link didn't work! So the old fashioned way…
Hahaha glad I'm not the only one! + 2 more
drugs inc missing delivery????
My order arrive this morning, it was the first tim…
4-AcO-DMT Live Trip Report
Imagine it was a nasty surprise when it hit when y… + 2 more
My first 4-AcO-DMT Experience
Your not alone.. It happens and at least you solve…
Recommendations for nice functional sativa?
Absolute classic! Nostalgia of solo coffee shop on… + 2 more
Hey dude! You've definitely peaked my curiosity.…
Christmas Stashbox!
Cheers! I only found this place 8 weeks ago and it… + 2 more
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Pope’s order’s still not arrived
Just from my experience, if its been posted on the…