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Welcome to Hashishin's Shop!

(: (: (: Happy New Year !!! :) :) :)

May this year be prosperous for everything and everyone under the sun.

Great things soon to come.

I'm here to answer any question and to resolve any issue.

Shipping times are up to the post carriers, most of europe is usually about 14-21 days. might take a bit longer in the busy seasons.

Shipping from the middle east.
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Beautiful high quality pakistani hash.
with shiny black exterior and greenish-brown interior. presents pleasant hash aroma with sweet and sour buds scents and flavors. provide a relaxing yet stimulating indica effects which are not sedative but rather focused and energetic. a lovely hash. Price include tracked worldwide shipping and top notch stealth.
5 grams Pakistani 'Quality' Stamp Hash $70.00 BTC0.0019215
10 grams Pakistani 'Quality' Stamp Hash $120.00 BTC0.003294
20 grams Pakistani 'Quality' Stamp Hash $230.00 BTC0.0063135
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a very good quality black hash, possibly the best egyptian hash I've personally encountered. sticky and oily, with earthy, spicy and a bit of burnt coffee smells and flavors. very soft and malleable. thick and smooth smoke that leads into deep, sedative indica sensations.
Price include tracked worldwide shipping and top notch stealth.
5 grams "Royal Egyptian" stamp hash $60.00 BTC0.001647
10 Grams "Royal Egyptian" stamp hash $99.00 BTC0.00271755
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Back in stock! beautiful blond lebanese hashish.
with light amber color, crumble easily, this hash named honey mainly for it's deep yellow shade and sweet tones. sand like in texture, easy to work with, crumbles and stick back together with the press of a finger. has a unique, very sweet honey/molasses flavor with very present sweet-pungent cedar aroma and a very tasty hit overall. at first, the hash provides an instant body relaxation that quickly paired with a mental bliss, and a warm, calming general body sensation. great as an all day smoke. high quality land race lebanese hash.
Price include tracked worldwide shipping and top notch stealth
5 grams Honey Lebanese Hash $60.00 BTC0.001647
10 grams Honey Lebanese Hash $99.00 BTC0.00271755
20 grams Honey Lebanese Hash $190.00 BTC0.0052155
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Mesmerizing crystals of dank, golden, terpful "Ghost Hulk #25" crumble wax, imported from the US. this is about as pure as cannabis extraction gets. full of aroma, delicious tasting and very thc potent.
suitable for smoking and vaping. needs to be decarboxylated to make edibles. arrive in a silicone mini jar.
Price include tracked worldwide shipping and top notch stealth.
1 Gram "Ghost Hulk #25" Crumble Wax $80.00 BTC0.002196
2 Grams "Ghost Hulk #25" Crumble Wax $150.00 BTC0.0041175
3 Grams "Ghost Hulk #25" Crumble Wax $205.00 BTC0.00562725
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Premium Clear Hashish Oil, extracted with 96% drinking ethanol, from high quality hash. winterized and strained properly. suitable for dabbing, smoking, making edible and pretty much any use you can think of. the oil arrive in a syringe.

euphoric, relaxing, and pain relieving - cannabis extracts in general and true land-race hash oil specifically, are abundant in cannabinoids and phyto-chemicals including THC, CBD, CBN, and many, many more, that contribute to nourishing our own body Endocannabinoids system, help balance it and promote general health and well-being.

Prices include worldwide tracked shipping and top notch stealth.
1 gram Hash-oil $44.00 BTC0.0012078
2 grams Hash-oil $77.00 BTC0.00211365
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This is the place for custom hash orders. Please message me with your requests and I'll upload the custom listings here.
5 grams Custom for HappyCiggy $60.00 BTC0.001647
5 grams Custom for doda420 $67.00 BTC0.00183915
7 grams Custom for Johnboy80 $84.00 BTC0.0023058
10 grams Custom for sam508 $99.00 BTC0.00271755
15 grams Custom for Clippy $170.00 BTC0.0046665
20 grams Custom for Skillo $219.00 BTC0.00601155
20 grams Custom for Thedogglb $230.00 BTC0.0063135
20 grams Custom for whatcanido234 $230.00 BTC0.0063135
25 Grams Custom for Abdul123 $250.00 BTC0.0068625
45 grams Custom for hellbent $440.00 BTC0.012078
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10/10 Pakistani 'Quality' Stamp Hash
reviewed 1 day ago   took 16 days to arrive
6/10 Premium Hash-oil Extract
reviewed 5 days ago   took 8 days to arrive
10/10 Premium Hash-oil Extract
reviewed 8 days ago   took 7 days to arrive
10/10 Lebanese 'Caramel' Hash
reviewed 8 days ago   took 23 days to arrive
9/10 Lebanese 'Caramel' Hash
reviewed 8 days ago   took 22 days to arrive
10/10 Custom Hash Orders
reviewed 10 days ago   took 20 days to arrive
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