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mushrooms :)
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vaping oils or herb
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use three words to describe little biggy
Smoke of that
on  Nutta
Movies to watch when baked
typical stoner movie for me is "how high" still gets me everytime :D
Scientists Are Starting to Take Warp Drives Seriously
it's insane to think what life is going to be like in like 30 years time. sound like old men saying "I remember when we used to only have smartph…
Next cart
has to be the black cherry soda for me. i've smoked all of them and they are all in their own ways amazing. just personal preference =)
Beware the cookie.
I loved it myself was a proper nice high =) another order in post so hoping theres another one in there haha. hope your all good and stay safe folks =… + 2 more
on  eddie73
Just for fun...Finish the sentence.
sit down and turn into a cabbage on my sofa while filling my face with about 10 quid worth of chocolate and sweets and watch something that's way ahea…
Delivery Estimate Ireland
ah I know the feeling...... stalking the postbox becomes a really unhealthy habit hahahaha + 2 more
joe rogan commander fraver
started topic + 3 more
on  [music]
What is your smoking song?
haha I actually remember all his old stuff... some stuff was pretty decent. mostly shite though lol + 2 more