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Weed lovers New vendor here First of all would like to welcome you to my shop. I'm a small vendor of everything bud. Growing everyday. menus could change daily as to weekly. All deliverys will be tracked/signed for. Thank u and hope u enjoy some of the great bud we have to offer. We will be starting small to see how things go and hope you all like what we have an want us to stay. Thank you. Shipping: there's no reships/refunds on 1st class orders. Tracked orders if lost will reship 50% of the order. Please use tracked service.
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10/10 Custom order:thorne_kellie1977
reviewed 49 days ago   took 5 days to arrive
10/10 0.52g joints various flavours
reviewed 49 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 0.52g joints various flavours
reviewed 51 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
2/10 Custom order:Lemongrab
reviewed 63 days ago   took 4 days to arrive
10/10 Custom order:4nthraxc4t
reviewed 64 days ago   took 7 days to arrive
9/10 Lava cake pre rolls 1.2g (CALI)
reviewed 65 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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New Zkittlez ( US import )
Narco check test for doctors order 600mg sweets
New CALIBO ( thc syrup) 1000mg 100ml bottle
New Skywalker OG
Can we do (Xanax) here please this is just a question don't shoot me down
New lava cake us import
Good vendor
by  Fhujkf222
Where is my product or refund??
600mg sweeties are back.
No orders will be accepted from anyone anonymously.
Any demand for pre rolls coming new this week
by  Bigbum
If we can’t take the sweets without having taken them before,
Sweeties reveiw
I just got some nerds and millions bites from Emporium and seeing as they are a new vendor I thought I would share my experience. First of all communciation and service were great, even before I ordered he changed the price of these once I pointed out that they were cheaper from other vendors. Once I ordered he kept me up to date and explained the slight delay before I had to ask. I know a lot a people were wondering if these were the real thing and I can tell you they are. I had one and about an hour later I was floating and very chilled. Just be warned, these are legitimate creepers so dont get caught out. If your new to edibles I would start with a half as they are quite strong. I am pretty sure I am going to sleep well tonight. I don't use any bud anymore - its just too hard with kids in the house so I vape and use edibles and I am really glad to see some new edibles from a new vendor that has definitely started off on the right foot.
Thank you so much.. for the kind an honest words feel very humbled. More good stuff to come

Nerdz millionz are back this weekend.
by  bakes88
Smoothies review
by  Mhokurtz
Skywalker review
Smoothies (new pics updated)
New items bud and edibles 600 mg package
Happy Christmas ?☃️? everyone.
Postal Delivery
Hi we are new here ❤️
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International sellers please
Real lean
We have real lean. Message me
item testing on little biggy
We are having the same issue. Our products are rite at the bottom. Hope someone can help + 2 more
Us import wouldn't be this cheap it's obviously just UK bud
Yh definitely not selling at no crazy price even if I got Cali bud up. Hope u get to try it. Just something abit different bro. + 2 more
After some Skywalker OG...
Hi mate I have Skywalker OG drop me a message.
Looking for lean uk vendor cheers
Thc / real lean
Hi mate we do pre rolls. Atm we have 1g pre rolls.come in tubes Skywalker OG Ice cream cake
Much better! Makes me want to try it now:)
Hi mate my mistake I'll change that back to 10 . Deal is still available + 7 more
Hi mate just sorted the items out slowly but surely I'll be putting up more choice. Atm I have Skywalker and ice cream cake pre rolls. Thanks + 2 more