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Best edibles at fair prices?
by  elusivee
Legalisation would be great
by  elusivee
Can someone drop the link for Ed’s edibles please I can’t find him and I want some psylocibin??
by  elusivee
No order showing after placing order?!!
by  elusivee
B.C.A New link
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New strain for the 50/50 carts + Price drop!
Wedding cake a possibility?
Quality vendor, ignore the negative comments
Fuckin love this thorne, well said and what goes around comes around + 2 more
on  Jason1
Any mushroom derivatives please
How much for the mushrooms?
Placed order 29th, still marked as partially paid, im .4 under so asked that he send 3 of the 4 carts i paid for, still no word and item still pending…
Hi can everyone see my listing quantities clearly???
Can now 👌💯🙏💚
Just got it!
Mate just learn to grow your own, few plants wont bring any attention to your door, thats what ive decided to do as the fees are through the fuckin ro…
Another disappointed customer
That's bollox though, and your clearly a jumped up cunt bag, I hope your neighbour's enjoyed RBS weed lmfao
dont order if not in uk..just got ganked
It will come bro it takes longer to eu etc
Fuck thst cunt go through escrow bro you got the proof for them, fucked me out of 220 aswell with that dog shit he had the cheek to actually put a gr…
Only half of order sent
You know its funny i put an order in friday and and now its tuesday and it still hasnt landed, this is the 1st time ive ever had to wait more than 2 d… + 3 more
Purple punch pics??
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Great Bargain from a top vendor
If rb could have deals like this all year round he would have all of lbs custom, wishful thinking of course, but at the same time when it comes to bud…
My order!
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on  Ianbrophy
Christmas hampers?
Oh The 12 blunts of christmas my vendor gave to me... hahaha go on lads