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Seed supplier
by  elusivee
New bitcoin exchange?
by  elusivee
Legalisation would be great
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Best edibles at fair prices?
by  elusivee
Can someone drop the link for Ed’s edibles please I can’t find him and I want some psylocibin??
by  elusivee
No order showing after placing order?!!
by  elusivee
B.C.A New link
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Police arrived after ordering from RealD WTF NOT COOL!
This a conspiracy, RD is taking a lot of other sellers customers with his fair pricing and they fuckin hate it, that's all this is is some troll unhap… + 2 more
Massively Overpriced
Criminals always look to scam good people, a lot of vendors on here are nothing more than crooks, should boycott these vendors altogether. + 2 more
New strain for the 50/50 carts + Price drop!
Wedding or birthday cake is the bomb that would be awsome + 2 more
on  Jason1
Any mushroom derivatives please
How much for the mushrooms?
Don’t dare complain or else
New account = new reputation lol just do what bigbum said its simple and nobody will know its you lol
Truly a shame
Dude doctors extracts have carts as good as mj at half the price there fuckin banging so go there instead, its not an ad but since you fucked up here …
Hi can everyone see my listing quantities clearly???
Can now 👌💯🙏💚
Great Bargain from a top vendor
If rb could have deals like this all year round he would have all of lbs custom, wishful thinking of course, but at the same time when it comes to bud…
My order!
started topic
on  Ianbrophy
Christmas hampers?
Oh The 12 blunts of christmas my vendor gave to me... hahaha go on lads
Vape help
I swear by them but I use thc oil not flower, MJ is the guy for vapes. + 2 more
Best vendor for imported cali
Rb is best all round for price ask him what he got or put an order in with him :) wont find a better price on here!
Black Cherry Soda - supercharged!
I think the bcs is awesome aswell, just waiting on the 1mls to come back in, great strain