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{buy help}
The dreaded knock on the door
Same vote as yourself so fingers crossed
What are Borgs?
Hi can you help just wish to delete my account how do i do this? thanks
money taken but no product arrived
Could also be the post, by mine theres been no postal deliveries since Monday and I ordered on NDD so could be a mix of delay and post If you look at…
Waiting for reply from RB
Got my order but theres been a mix up and got shake instead of bud, currently waiting for a answer
TGT appreciation thread.
Never used this site before, they were the 1st Vendor i used and it came in 7 days which is really good for this time due to the corona I think if yo…
UK Mail Megathread
Got my delivery today so took 7 days from posted, which with the corona cant complain + 2 more
NDD waiting times
I got it next day and this was a order on 27th April