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BCA / Blame Canada + Escrow Suisse
Ordered mine same date as you, was shipped on the 11th tho not the 8th and it arrived yesterday, also my second order landed at the same time and that…
7 days to Ireland.. not too shabby considering all that’s afoot!! And the headbanger is some really sweet bud. Good work guys + 3 more
Top hash
started topic + 3 more
What happened to pablo?
Think Pablo got lifted. Just over a year ago now I’d say. A lot of his packages were showing up as stuck in post office.. loads of people in the same …
Delete my account
Ask cleanup Borg, they have wiped accounts for me in the past
Top Vendor of 2020
Dopechef, TGT, Hootan, MJ and B.C.A. All honest and easy to deal with. Hootan super lemon haze, TGT malana cream, dopechef kush rush vape carts, mjs s…