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TGT Elphinstone *PREMIUM* Review
It’s Nice, but not that nice. Very heavy on …
Very Upset
Why don’t you apologise for putting this on …
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Waiting on orders!!!!
Be a bit more patient Jonny, your putting a negati…
Sundae Banana Cookies Just in ; )
No, actually I do. By the look of your dramatical … + 6 more
Nothing sent don't waste your time
20hrs? Oh bless you. That’s not a long wait.…
Negative Feedbacks and Disputes
All agreed most reputable vendor on here in my opi…
Reordering soon
Agreed. Lovely and strong. Gassy as hell. Vapes up…
I thought real space monkey meds was 4g tins it says this on weedmaps
These are legit, some of the strains I’ve ha…
bigg now