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Record Fees?!
We need LB to introduce an alternative to btc, there are many options like litecoin avaiable and are easily exchanged within wallets that cost a fr… + 6 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Surely LB admin realise that they are missing out on loads of commission, I've not ordered loads of times as the additional cost of moving btc i… + 2 more
I agree. Litecoin is the way to go, so much cheaper to send! + 2 more
best way to smoke hash?
Hi mate. I use a dynavap and put a small piece of cotton bacon(vaping cotton, available on eBay) then grate any hard hash or squeeze oily hash in to v…
High Fee's Anyone?
Litecoin. It's so cheap to transfer, LB needs it now.
Our Interpretation of the Wonderwall
Very interesting. You obviously need to be a positive member, treat other members as you want to be treated yourself. It constantly learns from your i…
Bonneville Membership ??
I'd love to be a member, especially if you can have your lovely green reserved. Not sure what or how it would work. Certainly interested,
on  {bitcoin}
BTC VS MONERO as payment option
Greenfinger has a bit of a promising breakthrough.
SHAKE COMPETITION good vibes 14/6
Good vibes