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When I die, fuck it, I wanna go to hell
Cause I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fucking tell
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Best grinder
brilliant cut grinder - best, hard to get expensive pucc- second best, cheaper, usually not sold out as bcg
Check out these bad boys
ahahaha remember seeing these 10 years a go, they are absolute crap and cost 5$ on dhgate lol fuck knows what the are mede of and you putting that shi…
CAD logos for LB
lol letters are straight 3d text just select right font and size. 1 min. google picture of leaf, photoshop it to black and white. 2 min. cad function … + 4 more
on  Smarty1
shatterizer or puffco peak
puffco peak is like casual gaming if you fine with that its ok if you hardcore then go dc v4 or avs m22 Sic setup with bottomless banger and temp con…
theres gunna b sales on 4.20 pretty much at all online headshops, if you looking for vape in uk check vapefiend, urbanistic and vapewellness. as peopl…
Tips For Smell-Proofing Your Stash?
I recommend RYOT brand stuff, they use activated charcoal if im right, cant remember lol but personally no smell. I store my weed in there also my vap…
Good discreet option?
agree and don't agree with gentleman's below. deffo most stealthiest way to get high after eddibles, I think it leaves a tiny bit of smell. so it depe…
Cured over 4 weeks - how do you cure shatter lol 4 WEEK PURGE.- how you can purge something in vacuum oven for 4 weeks? and how's after that there is…
on  Riko58
PAX 3 review
sandwich shatter between layers of green in dose caps lol problem solved :D or if you like cleaning your vapes a lot you can do it without caps + 2 more
Dabbing: Banger Question
dude if you like dabs check out divine crossing v4 and reddit/waxpen cant remember when I had a dab trough my banger after this shit, but more expensi…
on  hoqwer
Who buys from new sellers?
nah bruh, safety first for me.