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When I die, fuck it, I wanna go to hell Cause I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fucking tell
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Dabbing RSO
yeah go a head smartass, don't know what the fuck…
StickyFingersCo Nominated for termination.
lol he sells 1g for 35$ i would terminate just for…
on  {rap}
Drop your classics.
on  hoqwer
Who buys from new sellers?
nah bruh, safety first for me.
acc is created in september and you say to trust s…
on  Bha031
New to Vaping
got a xmax starry, same brand (diffrent rebranding…
Can you vape this?
decarb it and its gunna become runny add some terp…
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if more plants you grow gives you less yield mate …