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Why is RB still on the item page??
Calling all Dawg lovers **Purple Dawg**
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Credit where credit is due : )
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Black Friday!!
Black Friday on LB!?! I'm up 4 that : ) How about just adding a little extra to an order, maybe a free 0.5g on 3.5g, 1.0g free on 7g etc. (Or any amou…
Submit your BUDporn
Here we have Purple Moby Dick Popcorn Buds from British Bulldog, a seller I've been wanting to try for some time now after reading good things about t… + 18 more
on  winston
CBD got me stoned. Confused
I've had a few different CBD flowers & for me I find that I get a "body stone" but no "head high". I get the heavy legs & …
Anyone got a photo of most recent batch plz?
Just got this bit 25/6/20, lovely bit of bud : )