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Calling all Dawg lovers **Purple Dawg**
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Submit your BUDporn
Star Dawg from RB, latest batch as of 25/6/20. Lov… + 12 more
Anyone got a photo of most recent batch plz?
Just got this bit 25/6/20, lovely bit of bud : )
Abducted by Aliens- Enjoipanda
Looks lush : ) had to grab a bit, will post a pic …
Lovely bit of hash RB, crumbles between your finge…
Littlebud's Alien Strain
Great review : ) thought I'd add a pic of the samp…
on  winston
CBD got me stoned. Confused
I've had a few different CBD flowers & for me …
New Seller
Welcome, & thank you : ) the Kosher Dawg is su…
Gelato Dawg, well stocked
Tasty, tasty, very, very tasty : ) Cheers RB.
Lemon venom!
It's a great hash, strong stone : ) Congrats to Dr…
Star Dawg Import grade A+ - Review (Radar Breeder)
Couldn't agree more, "like a warm bath for th…
00 - Blows my mind
I ordered a small amount, then had to order a bigg…