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Hi it's me Big Bear. Returning to this journey after 15 to 20 years - I need to chill more. I remember Henry's and all that. Its fantastic that I've found this site and you guys.
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Menthol filters
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Should I be worried?
sometimes personal events or a weekend away affect… + 2 more
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Royal Mail debacle
yeah that's got to be true.....
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I'm soooooo pleased
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That feeling when the posty walks straight by your house :<
Ha ha most definitely!! + 2 more
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Status: "Ordered" ?
Yeah thanks from me too. I've been wondering what …
Roach vs Filter. What you using?
I've used menthol filters when smoking for a long …
Review - GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) - RB
Ha ha yes that is fantastic, I love this review, w…
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