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Floyd Fans?
Had a near 50 year music obsession, and as well as an addiction to Reggae (roots/dub) I love a bit of Pink Floyd too.
If you’re a big fan of the early 70s stuff, you need to check this out
This band became Far East Family Band, those releases were also amazing, with Kitaro and Klaus Schulze on board made for a cosmic krautrock mashup!
Julian Cope highly rates this album, Nihojin by Far Out. It’s every bit as good as Meddle, especially as most of the musicians were street artists living in a commune.
Try it ;)
British Bulldog
Love a bit of Floyd.

My old man has the original Gatefold Dark Side of the Moon LP. I think it's worth a couple of grand now. (Plus a Cavern Club membership card signed by John Lennon. God only knows what that's worth...)

Pretty cool cat my old man.

Thanks for the link.

Cheers. BB
As a massive Floyd fan I will give that a go- thanks👍🎸
Dropping some cool there.
As you can tell by my avatar I’m a massive Syd fan. All things Syd is my bag.
And being an old guy I have
a lot of the original vinyl, I’m also a second hand record dealer so I’ve picked up a nice collection over 40 years :)
I have most of the Floyd’s post Syd stuff but will always one back to those first two or three albums as they’re in a different league as are the early singles (apples and oranges, scream thy last scream, point me at the sky etc)
And Julian Cope is another subject entirely, author musician poet arch drude….the guy has it all and is a huge influence….
His biography ‘head on’ is an essential read as is his ‘modern antiquarian’ and ‘krautrock sampler’
For me his ‘fried’ and ‘Peggy suicide’ albums are next level. His wife Dorian is also extremely knowledgable about a raft of subjects. I find em both fascinating and endless sources of information. Huzzah! :)
Fun fact, I was taught saxaphone by Dick Parry
Hi Tony

Interstellar Overdrive. This is what made me pick up the guitar when I was 17.

At the time I went to Paris with my family and bought three guitar books, one of which was a failry rare early floyd chords/lyrics book:

I've spent hours trying to work out what Syd was playing on Take up thy stethoscope and Walk, his style melted rythm and lead guitar.

You’re right! I don’t think Syd knew what he was playing, he just did it instinctively hence not many other players have his unique style which is part rhythm part lead and part background weirdness 😄 the guy was a genius and I know that word is bandied about regularly but in Syd’s case it was true. The fact it still sounds weird and yet familiar some 50 years on is astounding.
Hi Tony

Totally. His rythmn style in particular is absolute bonkers, think Lucifer Sam.

Often he would play lead off the chords shapes like in Astronomy Domine but other times you can really hear the influence of LSD on his style.

I've heard them cover songs like Louie Louie on bootlegs and I guess there was a skiffle/RnB influence on his playing like most other Brits at the time.

But man whatever influences he had they were warped and twisted beyond recognition.

Oooh oooh…that reminds me of a Floyd trivia question I was given recently (how’s this for a toughie):

“There is exactly half a century between Roger Waters first accredited studio song and his last. What was his first ever lyric and his last?”


“Doctor Doctor
I’m in bed…” (Pick Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk)

“It would be better by far to die in her arms than to linger
In a lifetime of regret” (Part Of Me Died)

How do I know this stuff!?😼

We can also conclude that Roger didn’t cheer up much in 50 years!😂
The 60s Floyd is pure gold, And my daughter is called Emily for some reason!
There was some really amazing bands cutting a whole new sound, 66 to 73 is probably the best era ever.
Im torn with the best band ever, toss up between Floyd, Hawkwind or Velvet Underground. Its a tough one!
And a son called Arnold? 😜👍
And a dog called Seamus?
And tell Eugene to put his tools away!
This could go on forever so I'm calling a stop to it because before you know it ten years have got behind you. :)
You’re right….
….just running over the same old ground….
Ooof! The velvets for sure are another one of my faves. Right up to ‘loaded’ they pretty much created ‘art rock’ out of psychedelia. No mean feat.
Yeah, that era was amazing and there are sooooo many great bands both obscure and well known that made classic records like the Pretty Things SF Sorrow, The Byrds younger than yesterday , Caravan’s first album, Kevin Ayers - joy of a toy, the Beach Boys - pet sounds, Kaleidoscope’s tangerine dream, Billy Nichols - would you believe, Small Faces - ogdens nut gone flake, the Kinks - something else, the Zombies - Odyssey and oracle….this is just a fraction of some of the fantastic albums of that period.
Mind you, there’s great music in all eras it’s digging for it that makes things rewarding. I love anything from this stuff to U.K. Garage from the 90s to US/U.K. hip hop from that decade to 90s drum and bass, House, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Disco, Library music, Easy listening/Lounge, Jazz, punk, new wave stuff like XTC, the Slits, electronic pop like early human league, soft cell, Scritti Politti, YMO, Yello, Prefab Sprout, Fad Gadget, early Depeche, Yazoo etc soundtracks, Indie stuff like Felt, Cocteaus, Pale Saints, early Verve, My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, loads of Creation stuff, Rough trade and the Smiths, also dig a bit of classical, electronic experimental stuff, ambient, downtempo….pretty much most things.
There is so much good music out there it’s insane in a good way :)
Hi Zapgaz

Amazing British psychedelic music indeed.

That and the Californian West Coast sound.

Nice recommendation, thanks for that.

Love a bit of Floyd, started on the wall when I was at school but soon realised they get better the further back you go.

Although I have a special edition release of interstellar overdrive that can put me on a whitey if I’m too far gone 😂
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