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Just heard he died a few days ago and saddened to hear of his passing. Much respect to him for his great work with the original incarnation of Hawkwind and his tireless work ethic afterwards. Highly eccentric and a bit ornery, but nobody can deny his essential role in the evolution of space rock.

A Master of the Universe, now off In Search of Space.
Godspeed, psychonaut.
He was at jimi Hendrix Isle of Wight,
Jimi sees him ( the cat with silver face) its on the dvd just before foxy lady song I think,he’ll probably being tripping on acid watching jimi Hendrix, what a experience.
I saw Nik play with various bands over the years. He was a true hero of the counterculture. Sad news.
The story I heard they asked jimi Hendrix to play with them at the Isle of Wight(outside the gates,that’s where hawkwind played)but apparently he said no he was depressed,couple of weeks later jimi Hendrix was dead
A lot of people were protesting against the admission fees that’s why hawkwind played outside.
They were pretty unknown at the time
Hawkwind played outside the gates at the Isle of Wight festival, every drink was laced with acid.
The guitarist at the time (Huw Lloyd Langton RIP) had a bad trip at IOW 1970, think the band were playing in an inflatable tent that deflated in a speedy manner! Huw was so so wasted in cid, that he fled in terror and wasn’t seen for a decade! Not sure how much truth in story, but sounds about right!
I heard he was seen on his knees praying, 🙏 lol.
He was a good front man for hawkwind, my brother was really into them he’s got everything that hawkwind brought out, a big collection.
Both Nik and Robert Calvert were equally good frontmen.
Check out the Stonehenge 1984 dvd with Nik in full body suit and obviously high as fuck. That was Alan Daveys first gig with Hawkwind too, 99% genuine Lemmy replacement, fantastic bassist Alan.
Yeah seen it fucking amazing
One of the best performances,love it.
Very saddened by this. Seen Nik many times, and he is my hero.
Music died on Thursday night :(
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