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Love - Forever Changes
I can’t post link to the whole album, but you should be able find it.
One of my all time favourites. I was fortunate enough to see Arthur Lee play play the album in full in Liverpool about 20 years ago. I might have been a bit stoned stood at the front
The liverpool gig was with shack yeah??
I was real lucky too and caught the forever changes tour at the 02 with half orchestra, and stripped back in king tuts and queens hall with baby lemonade, absolutely amazing gigs.
I was at the Queens Hall gig too. Kind of wish he stopped playing just a little earlier, the new songs were funny but maybe not so great. "Maybe the People" is just such a classic track.
Yes! Great recommendation.
Fantastic album one of the greats! Recently bought the Record Store Day release of unreleased tracks and outtakes 👍
If you’ve not already give Rodriguez’s Cold Fact a listen.
If you’re a fan of Love the you’ll probably like
I’ve seen the Rodriguez documentary “Sugar Man” well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it but don’t think I’ve heard the album. I will give it a listen.
His second album “Coming from Reality” doesn’t get the same praise but I’m a big fan of that too. Another one we’ll worth a little listen
Hi Camber

HUGE Love fan here!

I saw him several times in London ater 2000 including one time a the Queen Elizabeth Hall with full philarmonic.

He was playing with the band Baby Lemonade.

But I never saw him in the classic days 1st to 4th album.

Here is some the of the 4th album (and Out There) played live in Europe in 1970:

Everyoby's got to live :-)

A classic disc, there were significantly better albums in the 60s, but it’s top 25
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