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Best hash on here?
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Still no sign of package !!!!
We are in a fucking pandemic mate I had a order take 15 days to come I never moaned like a bitch was wrong with people this is not amazon prime tbh o…
Anyone who gets this Mac 1 and also the mac 10
Iv got a Hen of both mac 1 and mac 10 truning up so will put some info up won't be a full review tho as have the English skills of a 6 Yr haha + 2 more
Same here iv never had a problem dealing with them. They are one of the best on here plus must of done like 15 orders over the yr and they all turned …
TGT appreciation thread.
These guys here are top notch. There service is one of the if not the best on here alsway helped me out and never had any bad smoke off them. I had a …