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Best hash on here?
It's my birthday coming up and wanted some real nice hash with loads of terps/ flavor to it can anyone guide me to some please
Cant say what is the best can only say that most of the guys have great hash,Provider has some lovely soft Mazar sharrif if you like blacks,DIUK has the harder version its nice as well,TGT have a nice bit of Afghan gold seal.
If it is Morrocan then hashtag and Provider have some lovely bits,the sour tangie is lovely but so nice you will smoke the lot in super fast time and be bombed out your skull for a few days.
If you are looking for something a bit more exotic then Hashishin is your man he has old school landrace hashish,the Turkish sultan is lovely its a pity he no longer has the Midnight as it was one of the best hash i have smoked in decades not quite black and not quite Morrocan a unique flavour and stone that took me back to when i was a youngster many moons ago lol
Spoiled for choice on lb,though if i was buying lots i would go for a mix of different hash from different vendors.
I have not tried Pistach`s Baldia he either runs out quickly or i have no btc when he is selling it but one of these days i will as Baldia is usually really nice :)
We do have some excellent Baldia Morrocan Hash and if you need more then specified we can provide a good price <3
the pistach hash is very nice!

Bobmarley710 has the best (affordable) hash on LB. Straight from Morocco. I had my first order arrive perfectly, second one has been stuck in transit for over 30 days...
Stealth used to be bad (could be the reason why it's stuck in transit) but it seems like he's invested in a vac and other customers now seem to receive their orders.

I contacted Bob asking for help and he offered a discount on my next order.

I haven't been put off ordering from him (the item has definitely been sent - just bad luck I guess) and will definitely place another order soon.

Hoping that it will come with an extra!

But yeah, his hash is beautiful.
You don’t get what you paid for, no escrow and no reship but you still buy and recommend?

My mind boggles.
Well I knew I was importing illegal drugs from Spain to England and I also knew the stealth was a bit dodgy... Thing is, first order was really, really good. But I knew there was a risk. I know that the order was sent as I was given a tracking number. Reading online, Correos have terrible reviews so it could have just got lost... Who knows, it may eventually turn up as the tracking number is still live!
I think it's nice that some vendors offer 50% reship but at the end of the day it's not Amazon and I'm aware of the risks, especially when ordering from abroad. He said he'd give me a discount on my next order so I'll form a final opinion when I see if/how much...
I did like the look of his listings, but after postage fees, which to be honest I’d expect covered insurance.

If we were all the same my friend... you’re happy I’m happy.
His HASH never turned up and offered no help at all don’t buy from this guy as you will only regret it!! Stick to trusted vendors who’s stealth is as good as the product
Agree. Have placed a couple of orders with Bob and his hash is AMAZING!! Stealth was a worry on first shipment but he has got better. If you havent tried the eggs and Kara, definately worth a try. Great prices and bloody good hash
the provider, or drugs inc are my go tos for amazing hash. Mazar is fire! If you're looking for terp and flavour you're probably not looking for hashish tho dude! Maybe a concentrate?
Double Zero from HashTag is incredibly smooth and a winner for me. Mazar from Drugs inc UK & Pistash have just released a Beldia Gold. Both on my radar.....
They are all good hashes, I agree.
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