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Can any recommend a novel that includes people doing stuff on mushrooms or LSD
Has Elon Musk destroyed Bitcoin? Should LG consider another currency
1/2oz or Oz Options
by  dakuwaqa
White widow CBD
by  Mundo00
by  Awohwoh
Cant enter my countrty in the address form???
by  mrspock89
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Could somebody please alleviate my confusion
started topic + 3 more
Selling on little biggy vs the darknet
It's kind of died though, I haven't sold anything for weeks, last year my shit was flying out the door
Package seized in Ireland
started topic
UK is only 1% of world emissions?
How about the scientists working for ExxonMobil who came to the same conclusion 40 years ago despite their bosses not wanting to hear that + 2 more
Firstly, you've never purchased any, so have no idea what it's like, and secondly, the high price is largely down to online fees, I sell it as cheaply…
Why does it say at the top of my home page that I have nothing for sale when I have 3 items for sale
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on  {nations}
How is Nationalism Any Different from Racism?
Not necessarily, Scottish nationalism is an attempt to escape racism
Has anyone had to stop using their Bitcoin wallet account
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Can anyone please tell me what Transaxe is going on about
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What can I do if transaxe is messing me about
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on  Iags
Who's your best for stealth and next day delivery? Dann is up there
I vacuum pack mine and cater for any special requests (paracetamol boxes etc) any further suggestions would be appreciated