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steve french
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is it me !! that has so much bad luck or am I being screwed
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I need a new series to watch
If you want a Change and a Tons of one line bombs to drop at work or with your mates there is only one place to go "Letter Kenny" it will a…
preheat or no?
Black Cherry Soda did the same with 2 3rds gone I just ran it under a hot tap before use No issues after that
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Enough Said
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weed no show
You have it all wrong no more than 5 out of thousands so thats 3 of us where are the other 2
2 months and still waiting...
well that didnt happen for me GC waited 28 working days no sign said was going to reship i was nice and said trim will do rather than bud and also p… + 4 more