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Introducing our cbd cart, in a 510 thread, v1 liberty cartridge. Coming in many flavours as stocked. Each 0.5ml cartridge is packed with 400mg of broad spectrum cbd distillate. When you receive your cartridge it WILL be crystallised, this is a sign of purity.
There are many ways to warm the cartridge (without the battery attached )
ie. 1. on the back of a warm/hot radiator.
2. Take cartridge without battery and place into a plastic a sandwich bag, seal the bag and place under hot water tap or submerge in warm/hot water.
DO NOT put in oven or microwave.
$26.00 BTC0.0041 Italian Ice Cream 1 400mg
$26.00 BTC0.0041 Grape crush 1 400mg
$26.00 BTC0.0041 Black Forest 1 400mg
$26.00 BTC0.0041 Bubblegum 1 400mg
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Hi, this is our full spectrum CBD oil.
This is made using the best quality full spectrum distillate and mixed with high quality MCT oil. We use no other additives.
Each bottle is 10ml and come in 1000mg or 2000mg strengths.
$53.00 BTC0.0083 10ml, 1000mg CBD 1 1000mg
$96.00 BTC0.015 10ml, 2000mg CBD 1 2000mg
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Handmade Milk chocolate bars, made with high quality chocolate and full spectrum cbd distillate. Each bar contains a least 100mg of cbd.
We recommend starting with one or two squares at a time. this will equal to 12.5mg to 25mg dose.
$8.00 BTC0.0013 100mg full spectrum cbd 1 35g bar
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Here are our full spectrum cbd gummies.
Each gummy is 10mg of full spectrum cbd. There are 10in a pack. Delicious and chewy, close to haribos we are told
We try to keep a range of flavours but these may change from time to time.
$10.50 BTC0.0017 Blue berries 1 100mg
$10.50 BTC0.0017 Lemon 1 100mg
$10.50 BTC0.0017 Raspberry 1 100mg
$10.50 BTC0.0017 Strawberry 1 100mg
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Delicious tasty gummies made using full spectrum cbd. 25mg per gummy. These are double the size of our 10mg bears that come in same range of flavours.10 per pack
$20.00 BTC0.0032 Raspberry 1 250mg
$20.00 BTC0.0032 Lemon 1 250mg
$20.00 BTC0.0032 Watermelon 1 250mg
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Tip jar, didn’t pay enough postage, didn’t pay enough on product etc..
$5.00 BTC0.0008 Tip jar 1 1
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10/10 100mg Full spectrum CBD Milk chocolate
rated 3 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Cbd gummies 10 x 25mg (250mg)
rated 4 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 100mg Full spectrum CBD Milk chocolate
rated 6 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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