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What Brought You To Biggy?
Well I was smoking Weed on/off since I was 17 and …
on  {gaming}
Time for A Deeper Game, Any Suggestions?
If you have want to make your own Story I can reco…
happy juice
Im surprised to see a comment like this. Some time…
Now THESE Hit Hard!
Yea tried them twice now. First time was two Weeks…
Favourite thing to eat when really high??
Depends....sometimes its stuff like Burgers and so…
best way to smoke hash?
Vape it! Use a Vaporizer that can also be used wit…
What is the best video game plot you have experienced?
Xenoblade Chronicles for me. I love good RPGs and … + 2 more
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Lockdown stir crazy baked event
Yea decided to cut them today. For now it’s … + 2 more