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What edibles can i make with pollen?
I just crumbled a couple of grams into a brownie m… + 2 more
Always try n buy ahead for Xmas :) nothin worse th…
weed legalisation
I usually vote Lib Dem not last time cause I didn&… + 2 more
other sites like LB?
There are but we’re not allowed to talk abou…
New vendors should take a leaf out of Smoggy
Ye smoggyman is the best vendor I’ve come ac…
D James
on  D James
Need help with identification
They look like shrooms to me but I’m no expe…
on  Pugg
Are you guys using other websites aswell as here?
If you google legit weed sites U.K. trust piolot r… + 2 more
Why is it so hard to forgive others?
Agreed bud if we all saw difference as a good thin… + 5 more
RB experience
Agreed smoking the Chocolato now it’s not be…
on  sensiman
Let's make Littlebiggy even better! 10/10 reviews....
Ye agreed ratings are unrealistic. Gotta say feel …
HeisenBeard nominated for termination.
I agree there’s no place for racist homophob…
Definatley worth a try at least 20% works quite we… + 3 more
Moving to new unit with manufacturing section and wanting LB community help.
Are you planning on making edibles, oil etc or loo… + 3 more
on  Jaw0108
Best apps for bitcoin??
Cryptopays quite good bud. Wirex was to complicate…
What do you Miss the most during lockdown
Cheers bud, you to! Stay safe ? + 3 more