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Why do people complain about stalks?
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Cbd bud
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Order saying partially paid
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Best place to buy and send bitcoin
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Xmas smoke
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Change littebiggy's default spelling to UK??
I’m dyslexic literally never noticed 😆
on  Themids12
Just new to this any good vendors with cali Pistach has a good menu of ok priced Cali
NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1 Round 3
England 1 Czech Republic 1
on  Wonka1972
Looking for strongest indica hash for depression please
Totally agree that mimosa is great for depression and find doesn’t give you the anxiety some Sativa doms do 🙂
Ratings Overated
I agree there’s a lot of bad weed on here but you will figure out who to and not to buy of :) can highly reccomend smoggyman, Bonneville, Canadian imp…
1st Class Stamps?
No worries. Is very confusing. I must have a stride postie 😆 + 2 more
NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1
Wales 1 Turkey 2
on  Hu3Shotz
Have I been ripped off?
That sounds very dodgy to me mate. Checking the tracking takes 30 seconds online. I’d raise a dispute with escrow if the vendor doesn’t release your t… + 3 more
Health hacks
Totally agree we should all drink more and think about what we’re putting in our bodies but tea and coffee have been proven to be hydrating and found …
Bonneville Membership ??
I’m not sure they were proposing a class system bud lol :) bit offensive to them maybe think they are just trying something new nothing wrong with amb… + 5 more
CBD for mixing with hash Try this guy tastiest cbd bud I’ve ever had :) + 3 more
Any LEGIT packs or goodies around :)
I can second that smoggyman mimosa is absolutely banging if money wasn’t so tight at the no I’d of bagged myself a half by now :) probably better than…
Just Shake Remaining - Shatter?
Never tried shatter before... mite try it at that price hoping some shake still left Friday :)
How come this one is so much more expensive?
Out of my price range to but very pleased to see it honestly labled and not shoved in fake Cali packs good on you drugs inc for the honesty. Respect f…
New drop imminent !!
Aw that is gutting :( they really need to get dates on here.. no worries hopefully won’t Be to long till you have some more :) + 2 more
on  swiller
Human Traffic 2
One of my favourite films of all time human traffic... happier days :) can’t wait for that!
Ok mate that’s really all you had to say in the first place. Cheers for send in my order + 9 more