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Cbd bud
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Order saying partially paid
I’ve placed an order just for a gram of coin base I sent the correct amount but order showing as partially pad. Was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? And any advice on what I should do please?
penalties of Coin BTC
Bitcoin Coin to Coin

have time the prenomina
Always pay the correct amount of bitcoins. Forget about the price. Bitcoin is changing all the time, so if you flip it over to change 0.0017 to £ to see how much it costs.. then you pay.. chances are you'll pay 0.00168873 or 0.00170134 (numbers are completely made up) instead of the intended amount of 0.0017.

If it is 100% correct, contact the seller, most have tip jars etc to sort this kind of thing out.
Maybe you didn't have enough coin to cover, you could just be short a small amount, just contact seller explaining you made a mistake, I'm sure it will be sorted if it's a good vendor you have ordered from
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Best place to buy and send bitcoin
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Xmas smoke
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Health hacks
Totally agree we should all drink more and think about what we’re putting in our bodies but tea and coffee have been proven to be hydrating and found …
Bonneville Membership ??
I’m not sure they were proposing a class system bud lol :) bit offensive to them maybe think they are just trying something new nothing wrong with amb… + 5 more
CBD for mixing with hash Try this guy tastiest cbd bud I’ve ever had :) + 3 more
Any LEGIT packs or goodies around :)
I can second that smoggyman mimosa is absolutely banging if money wasn’t so tight at the no I’d of bagged myself a half by now :) probably better than…
13th April jj been taking on hospital.
Get well soon jj mate
Just Shake Remaining - Shatter?
Never tried shatter before... mite try it at that price hoping some shake still left Friday :)
How come this one is so much more expensive?
Out of my price range to but very pleased to see it honestly labled and not shoved in fake Cali packs good on you drugs inc for the honesty. Respect f…
New drop imminent !!
Aw that is gutting :( they really need to get dates on here.. no worries hopefully won’t Be to long till you have some more :) + 2 more
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Human Traffic 2
One of my favourite films of all time human traffic... happier days :) can’t wait for that!
Ok mate that’s really all you had to say in the first place. Cheers for send in my order + 9 more
bit of a predicament
Should be ok mate a lot of vendors Mark as sent once it’s packed and ready to be posted. RB not the best at comms but never had anything go missing w…
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Rip of
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How on earth
Stalks cracked me if he can get money for them good on him lol to be honest shake used to get sold for next to nothing but it does get you high so I b…
Best weed on LB atm?
Smoggyman disco biscuits is banging proper old school flavour
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Have we got an Irish vendor yet?
Seriously still no Irish vendor such a huge gap i the market... I mite just move to Ireland lol
How many people can say this site changed their lives?! xD
Highly reccomend the urban leaf company and bonnevilles afgooey is special and smoggyman smoke is honestly next level to anything else I’ve had of her…