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What strain is this made from?
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Any chance of a 4/20 sale?
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Any plans for a black Friday sale?
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This is real great value RSO
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Any plans to release some of these as oils instead of carts so people can take orally?
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Would like to try this if you are planning on restocking
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MycoMattic update
Look forward to the return of stock. Half way through my pack of 0.15g microdoses and already decided to roll things over for an extra month. Been tak…
Anymore RSO ready soon?
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Just bought some, will give it a review once sampled
Sounds good and it's 1:1 thc/cbd!!
Yes it looks like a good product, will definitely give it a try when my current tincture runs out
Anymore RSO available soon?
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Are any other strains coming soon for this product?
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