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mona lisa
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on  {shade}
what makes cryptography a weapon?
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Seal was wrong, our craziness is our biggest threat to survival
this had nothing to do with us HE WAS TALKING ABOUT SEALS
on  {nations}
Decentralised legal System
Do you think something like this can be achieved without revolution?
when your therapist is a bot
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on  Tango00
The Popes Return??
personal problems i think because he was starting to really decline in the end :(
on  {nations}
is the coronavirus bio warfare?
bio warfare/public health research fuck up or malicious shit dropped w cover of lab? when you cant trust government to not kill people anyway does it…
on  {shade}
The Unsettling Rise of the Urban Narc App
from a prankster perspective? hell yeah it's a good thing. you can freak out an entire neighborhood w an alien costume whenever you get bored.
Fancy being a vendor
Love Death & Robots
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what if we let the boomers die?
really i believe im the buzzcocks
Ballers or Billions
case closed.
on  paddy420
Cocaine conundrum2
coca tea would be good but yes, it doesnt belong here IMHO