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The bizarre world of Frank Zappa
Zappa the main man on the pan! Funny to think he w…
on  puffman
bitcion drought
Was having trouble getting more BTC as well until …
RM delivery delays
Good to know thanks,I hope that's what's happened …
Submit your BUDporn
Was a proper head bubbler that one, really really … + 7 more
All dogs are fascists....
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Does watching too much 3D TV give you cubed eyes?
started topic
My first McDonalds - Ronald1776
Also got my first order from Ron yesterday, 1g of …
on  sensiman
Gelato Dawg from RB
Really wanted to try this out after seeing a few o…
on  paddy420
Cannot believe I found this community.
Me too! Randomly found this site while online n co…
Worth the wait
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Vape carts
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bigg now