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Been a weed enthusiast for 17 years. Mainly smoke hash and bud (indica dominant). When I review a purchase, you can be assured I'm completely transparent and honest to my thoughts. Hash and indicas are my specialisation. If I recommend a seller it's because they've gone above and beyond multiple times with the product, Stealth, delivery and communication. If I react negatively towards a product and seller then it's because of the opposite. Little biggy is my little slice of heaven.
joined feb 2020
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When you buy yours...
I'm waiting on two Oz as well.
I saw the devil Oldboy. The wailing. Handmaide… + 3 more
Silver haze or candy Kush?
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All caught up
Ron mate. Thought you disappeared! Please let me k…
So I just received it! My first ever order and it … + 4 more
New Seller
Great to have another seller on lb. Your introduct…
New balanced edible sweets
These look good and at a great price too. Unique i…
Nominate for Termination
Clearly a scam seller. Needs removing asap.
on  Gjohal1
Coronavirus (lockdown)
RM are already doing NDD only in some areas. I jus…
Corona deals
About time! + 2 more
Lemon venom!
Yessss mate. Glad to hear it's potent. Ordered 14g…
Better than king Hassan?
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Dodgy Customer.
Get rid. If they don't like your weed then they ca…
on  Gjohal1
London caviar
There's plenty that seemed to be the real deal and…
An upgrade of a classic Thai & great value!
You're spot on. This is the best Thai weed I've se…
on  K13mafia
Ronald1776 - Jolly Ranchers Sativa
This buds are frosty. And that purpleness!!!!!
Vendors quickly disappearing.
Indeed. There's also a guy selling hash really che…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
what about cocaine?
Joey Diaz?
No tip jar?
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What’s a “Bazza” ??
They are custom orders with the name of the person…
Definitely want some top Thai stick. I'll buy a Q.
on  FredsDad
UK sellers with best stealth
I fully recommend using Ron with tracked delivery.
Oh my!
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Edibles once a week ?
I'm 100% interested in this. Will order fortnightl…
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on  Nutta
Movies to watch when baked
Spaced TV series!
Thank you greenteam.
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Need to try this!
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Care Package
Ron is my favourite seller. Spent more money with …
Any pics ?
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