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Wouldn't mind a wooden rolling tray if possible, guys?
Ammo Time - 1 gram giveaway to first 20 who post what they like about this strain - Top Shelf Ammo is on the Menu with F…
Amnesia is one of my favourite strains largely for the aroma. It's got the classic old school, sitting in a coffeeshop smell. I've had far better stra…
Cactus cooler
Absolute top vendor!
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Pound for pound the best around
Welcome to the site. Your products sound great. Just to warn you the profile picture you have could be considered to be breaking site rules and could … + 2 more
Adverse Reviews 🥴
The fact I have 8+ orders I could have changed a review on goes to show how much I have ordered from them with no hassle. One complaint and boom! Orde… + 6 more
100 Review Giveaway 🎉 [$250 Store Credit]
Count me in !!