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Ms patient
Uk to Ireland seizure rates
I think one thing that might help is varying (outer) packaging. With some vendors its so characteristic its easily recognisable. I imagine if an indiv… + 10 more
on  Jackdoyle
Irish members
they have been in touch to offer a half reship + 3 more
You think you will be back this week?
I wonder why not- captive customers I imagine would be worthwhile financially - looks like its over for UK orders for me- not worth the risk
Fair play ✌️ helpful and responsive think we are all being a bit impatient with TGT they've never done me wrong
I didnt have any issues with them till i had a seizure- they've not even looked at last 3 messages i sent.
Yes no ?
No not yet. Got a message back on sunday saying it would be delivered next day. Monday was bank holiday so no post here. Postie has just been and no p…
When u coming back? Its been a while
Why the large price increase
Sounds great- usually takes about a week from UK + 2 more
on  BazzerAK
Irish issues??
Damn thought Dublin was the safe bet.... most of seizures have been through athlone. I have been lucky. I tend to order on a thursday- that way, if po… + 2 more
Irish Vendor!!
started topic
Post brexit ROI packages?
Let us know how you get on. Havent ordered in a while.
Delivery Estimate Ireland
I ordered from both on 23/4 - still no joy- was expecting to get them today. Used EU standard with RB and tracked with TGT. Usual wait for me is 6 day…