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have to say that stuff looks very nice.
Looks like its great quality- well trimmed very fr…
Post brexit ROI packages?
Let us know how you get on. Havent ordered in a wh…
on  Elvis3986
Cheers mate + 4 more
Burn, pick or sausages?
Is this hash the soft squishy type or does it need…
on  [music]
whats your favorite music from the 90s??
Loved them- have 'rediscovered' mezanine by Massiv…
on  Elvis3986
EU countries to UK
I imagine they do.
Yes no ?
No not yet. Got a message back on sunday saying it…
No package and no update?
Have to agree on customer service. Doesnt take lon…
on  Frank420
Drug driving tests
Howdy Frank. I used to work in a medical lab- unfo…
Delivery Estimate Ireland
I ordered from both on 23/4 - still no joy- was ex…