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{buy help}
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Same issue with them. Actually standard EU option disappears when you make a purchase- I would prefer non-tracked for stealth reasons.
on  andylar
Irish customs
I ordered off DIUK same day and came thru- excellent quality stuff too + 4 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Ordering BIG quantities to Ireland? Like an Ounce?
Can't there be an automatic charge for importing/ dealing? They could say you have intent to supply if its larger amount. When I was younger, and it w… + 3 more
Anybody getting anything through these days
He existed/ sold for only a week. Ordered some hash off him, which was a bit pricey but very good quality + 3 more
on  Mystic11
Drug driving. Has anyone been caught?
I dont drive- so can smoke to my hearts content- but cannabis stays in your system for a long time- up to 2 months if youre a regular/ heavy smoker. O… + 3 more
good bud for ASD
Hi so do I- I tend to go for indicas in general or indica leading hybrids- sativas make me paranoid/ stimmed... so i stay away from Hazes... if haze i…
Ms patient
Uk to Ireland seizure rates
I think one thing that might help is varying (outer) packaging. With some vendors its so characteristic its easily recognisable. I imagine if an indiv… + 10 more
on  Jackdoyle
Irish members
they have been in touch to offer a half reship + 3 more
You think you will be back this week?
I wonder why not- captive customers I imagine would be worthwhile financially - looks like its over for UK orders for me- not worth the risk
When u coming back? Its been a while