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Any good shake out there right now?
Anyone heard from The Green Team recently?
Relative newbie Coinbase Question!
Massive fees sending on bit panda... Help!
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Any good shake/ budget bud?
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{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Accidentally Ordered as Guest (Help!)
Thanks so much for this! Lifesaver!!
What else would you like Father Spliffmas to bring out of his sack?
If you could somehow get your hands on any grandaddy purple that'd be amazing, have been on the hunt for some for ages now but no joy yet!
Noob Here Just Signed Up Looking Bitcoin Advice
Second this! Very easy to use!
Any good shake about?
The stuff that radar breeder does is awesome value, I've had a couple of 14Gs of that now. Doesn't smell / taste very strong but definitely does the j…
Anybody got any grandaddy purple..?
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Pure sativa?
I'm on a similar hunt right now, one of the best percentage splist I have seen is the White Haze (Dutch import) from seller UK 420 (about 80/20 sativa… + 2 more