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Vaping indica
Loving the new freedom of vaping green at low temps( no bad thoughts compared to smoking green ). I'm enjoying being able to vape green as opposed to smoking some great hash before I stopped nicotine due to health reasons.

So far I love the relaxed chilled stone from indica strains

My favourites are purple dawg so smooth and chilled.

And blueberry O.G slightly heaver but just as good

Both sellers sold 1g amounts so great to try and delivered next day UK.

Any recommendations recommended

Superhans had some of the big hitting indicas on here, but be warned- they are strong! 😳
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{buy help}
Any crafty plus for sale?
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{buy help}
First time buyer: do I *need* to set an email address in my account? If I don't, what functionality am I missing out on?
Don't think it will cause any issues if you've already set up your account and you're happy to login in for updates. Enjoy mate and most issues will…
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5/10 Review
100% agree , you sorted an issue that wasn't your fault with no drama. Top seller with a great attitude. Only took one msg to sort out . Cheers bud
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Forgot to log in when ordering
I've done this in the past and still received my order fine. I just emailed seller to let them know. Good luck
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Posting items
Ordered some Double Zero, but in no hurry for it. Stay safe and thanks for the amazing service. + 2 more
on  S.hoppin
Am I being played???????
Depends on Seller just check before you order + 2 more
zero zero and lemon venom hash
Looking forward to some Double Zero, been too long. Always looked for it when in the Dam.