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C jm. 123
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Best uk outdoor cannabis varieties.
C jm. 123
by  C jm. 123
Whats going on ?..
C jm. 123
by  C jm. 123
How pure is your hash ?.
C jm. 123
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Postal theft.
C jm. 123
by  C jm. 123
Coin base problem.
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doctor doc
what are the least carcinogenic fats?
Ghee has a very high smoking point, and is a natural oil that has been used for thousands of years in India. Does impart a flavour to cooking that isn…
Organic Weed
Chronus buds
on  {gaming}
Time for A Deeper Game, Any Suggestions?
The Fallout franchise is hard to beat. Fallout 3, fallout New Vegas, fallout 4 , fallout 76. Bethesda creates the richest and most immersive worlds im…
Afghan v Leb
A picture says a thousand words. For some reason tgt's photos never do their products justice. Some weird colour and lighting issues. UK 420 his pictu…
Is it sun grown ?. I imagine cali weed is outdoor and grown virtually organically ?. Cheers people.
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on  Calthai
Haven't seen any on here for a couple of months.
Postie stole my weed twice, until I went to speak to the postmaster at my local office. Never happened again.
on  Frank420
Almost all hashish is now contaminated
Thanks for the info, I know how corrupt the trade is, so am always dubious. Because hash is a brownish lump, it's easy to mess with. I have enjoyed u… + 5 more
on  hoqwer
How much bud when eating it?
Heat in sealed dish in oven 115 degrees 1 hour after grinding. I do a large joints worth.then take out mix with a knob of butter and add some yoghurt.… + 2 more
first time cooking with butter
The butter would give you about 20 or more doses. Just melt it into anything. A yoghurt is easiest. Tiny amount each time or you'll trip out a bit.
hash after brexit
I would say not, just because it's not subject to any taxes or controls. Its black market. + 2 more
on  ILLYA1966
Seeking Congolese weed
Theres a Rubio maroc hash, I've just ordered. Maroc is an ancient weed strain. It's a lovely warm euphoric high. Not too crazy. Got that old skool sme…
Listing is now live
Great, I was looking for an indica focused hash, what do you recommend ?.thanks
Thai/mersh/high grade
Can't beat uk420 for Moroccan hash, definitely doesn't stink like hydro weed. Quality is off the chart.
on  Mahonie
Difference between hash and bud
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Risk as a buyer
Small amounts are fine. I've never risked anything more than 7g. My posty stole two packages, which is a risk. Royal mail aren't interested in bits of…