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C jm. 123
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Best uk outdoor cannabis varieties.
C jm. 123
by  C jm. 123
Whats going on ?..
C jm. 123
by  C jm. 123
How pure is your hash ?.
C jm. 123
by  C jm. 123
Postal theft.
C jm. 123
by  C jm. 123
Coin base problem.
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Is it sun grown ?. I imagine cali weed is outdoor and grown virtually organically ?. Cheers people.
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on  {gaming}
Time for A Deeper Game, Any Suggestions?
The Fallout franchise is hard to beat. Fallout 3, fallout New Vegas, fallout 4 , fallout 76. Bethesda creates the richest and most immersive worlds im…
on  Calthai
Haven't seen any on here for a couple of months.
Organic Weed
Chronus buds
Postie stole my weed twice, until I went to speak to the postmaster at my local office. Never happened again.
ChronusBuds Customers.
Some pure landrace strains. Old varieties not messed with too much.
on  Frank420
Almost all hashish is now contaminated
Thanks for the info, I know how corrupt the trade is, so am always dubious. Because hash is a brownish lump, it's easy to mess with. I have enjoyed u… + 5 more
Afghan v Leb
A picture says a thousand words. For some reason tgt's photos never do their products justice. Some weird colour and lighting issues. UK 420 his pictu…
on  hoqwer
How much bud when eating it?
Heat in sealed dish in oven 115 degrees 1 hour after grinding. I do a large joints worth.then take out mix with a knob of butter and add some yoghurt.… + 2 more
first time cooking with butter
The butter would give you about 20 or more doses. Just melt it into anything. A yoghurt is easiest. Tiny amount each time or you'll trip out a bit.
doctor doc
what are the least carcinogenic fats?
Ghee has a very high smoking point, and is a natural oil that has been used for thousands of years in India. Does impart a flavour to cooking that isn…
hash after brexit
I would say not, just because it's not subject to any taxes or controls. Its black market. + 2 more
on  ILLYA1966
Seeking Congolese weed
Theres a Rubio maroc hash, I've just ordered. Maroc is an ancient weed strain. It's a lovely warm euphoric high. Not too crazy. Got that old skool sme…
Listing is now live
Great, I was looking for an indica focused hash, what do you recommend ?.thanks
Thai/mersh/high grade
Can't beat uk420 for Moroccan hash, definitely doesn't stink like hydro weed. Quality is off the chart.
on  Mahonie
Difference between hash and bud
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Risk as a buyer
Small amounts are fine. I've never risked anything more than 7g. My posty stole two packages, which is a risk. Royal mail aren't interested in bits of…