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best couch lock hash just now?
who has the best morroccan right now?
is cannabis addictive?
i feel like its not, but i do prefer to have it than not have it. my sister is convinced she is addicted to it.
Of course it is mentally addictive, Also when you stop you will get night sweats and have nightmares but it is very tame compared to other drugs and I find it easy to stop for long phases. It's easier to stop than say nicotine or caffeine which I found much more difficult to quit and would not take again but weed is small potatoes in comparison lol
I don’t know but shopping on here seriously is! 🫣🤩
😂 I can lose hours of my life just scrolling and reading reviews before deciding
About to start a t-break, yes it is addictive. Physical symptoms last up to 3 days, main impact for me is sleep or lack thereof. Psychological addiction is the worse part and many people have a problem overcoming it. My friend was at drug rehab (for opiates) and he told me there were quite a few people with weed addiction there.
Yes it absolutely is, mentally and physically, to what degree is down to personal biochemistry and how much you use. Don’t listen to others to tell you if you are addicted or not. Listen to your symptoms;)
i dont think its physically addictive, even though i medicate with it and my life is crap without it.
Unfortunately it's difficult view point, cannabis can very can rely on it, it can make you feel "normal" or set a base line, but ultimately it's beneficial if you can view it as a medicine or suppliment.

The problem is this varys from person to person.

I currently taking fluoxetine daily, but I feel cannabis helps me more than phama, does that mean cannabis is more addictive?
yeh, its difficult to frame what addiction is, i need to medicate with it, does that make me addicted? kinda, i need it, im well rough without it and vomit quite easily, i think my sister might be medicating some deep seated psychological problems but she is using addiction to explain things.

i just feel its a really negative way to see yourself and cannabis.
The addiction side of cannabis has always been downplayed and the merits/positives lauded. But yes there "can" be mild/moderate addiction (unique to each individual) but give the naysayers an inch and they will turn that into a mile long "well I don't want my child addicted, homeless and a raping thief, keep that weed BANNED..." without putting the addiction into some sort of context.

It doesn't have to be negative, you can be "addicted" to anything. Surely if you really, really like something you are addicted to it? Sport, reading, rock climbing, waterslides, etc. etc. but with most of these if you died during one of them (maybe not reading!) people would comment: "died doing what they love" and not "their addiction was their undoing."

I prefer to think of it like this: I'm addicted to cannabis but not dependant on it. I think? You have posted a good question, which only seems to raise more questions in my mind. I think I need a toot... Not that I'm addicted! :)
Yup and you’ll get cold sweats, shivers and all sorts when giving up if a heavy smoker

From my experience and a couple of mates + support groups
how much is heavy use? used to drop a gram in a spliff but now do that over a whole day.
Ummm 10-20 joints a day at peak mate.

G a joint is up there, over a day shouldnt be too bad.

It don’t get everyone, some get worse than others, some symptoms not others.

If you fully quit though the thc leaving your body can be gnarly as the sleep and dream cycle is restored to “normal”

20 years heavy smoke before I first had a lengthy 6 month t break.

Fucked me up worse than coming off some of the highest doses of morphine given to someone my age in Europe or some shit

Pray none of you go through that if you do break, as not wishing that on anyone 😭
It's the same as drinking tea and coffee daily to function cannabis use is simular its more of a routine than addiction. The problems start when tobacco is added you'll think you really want a spliff for the pot but it's actually the tobacco that's being craved.
once you *need* it, for energy, for focus or sanity - you are addicted. its just easier than most drugs to stop becaused the physical need dissipates relatively fast.
i think its not addictive but however ppl do become dependant on it to function normaly.

i myself think im not addicted.. as a recovering alcoholic alot of ppl will say im cross addicting but i say pish lol.. weed has managed to calm me down and stop me being violent it decreases my stress and anxiety enough for me to be 'normal' and function in this life..

i feel as if i had found weed sooner that my life would be so much different to what it is today..

and it also follows what rick simpson says about giving ppl 1g of concentrates every day will not only build their immunity to the concentrates but also to other things that are killing our bodies..✌
The Pontiff of Piff
without a shadow of a doubt

however where something like heroin will inevitably cause addiction in those who partake regularly I do not think the same is for weed.

I smoke/vape/eat daily and heavily. However when I fly to Dubai to see one of my childhood friends I will be out there for 2 weeks at a time and besides a bit of insomnia the lack of THC does not affect me at all. If anything I am lot more outgoing and energetic. On the other hand another one of my childhood friends becomes short tempered and his appetite becomes non existent if he doesn't blaze.

I think it affects people differently according to their individual body chemistry. So in short, yes it is addictive but not for everyone.
I've gotten by the last two weeks on a 0.5ml distillate vape, and it's kept the sweats at bay and i've been sleeping fine.
Once you've had many periods of time off it, voluntary or forced, always forced with me lol, but once you've experienced coming off it many times it's a walk in the park.
Here's the thing tho, no it's not addictive, however it is an intense hobby that can fill up a whole lot of time.
Some folks start the hobby when they wake and go pretty much all day and night doing it.
So, when it's time to say goodbye, voluntarily or forced, you better believe you're gonna miss it.
Peace out my Biggas, tomorrow i return to doing our much loved hobby and can't wait!✌️🎩

Still waters run deep
'99, bigga, guess who's back
Addiction is maybe too strong a word to use its more a craving like caffeine,though if you have weak willpower it can be difficult to stop especially if you have regular access to it.
Yes you do get some side effects like insomnia and crazy dreams when you stop but this is due to you once again experiencing REM sleep as THC fast tracks you through REM into deep sleep but it only lasts a few weeks and is not going to cold turkey you like narcotics or pharmaceuticals will.
I would say it is on par with things like caffeine and sugar which both have side effects when you cut them out of your system
Gunga Din
I always thought it was, then I quit smoking joints and moved to vape and edibles, turns out it was the tobacco more than anything.
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