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good bud for ASD
cheap hash with a stone
coca leaves?
most stoney hash
best vape?
looking for a vape, whats good?
You are spoilt for choice…but right now I am hooked on Serial Chiller Lab’s rosin and just can’t take my eye off Mercedes’ banana beauty…
Ooooo im ecstatic to be mentioned here

interesting topic. the banana is absolute crazy insane fire, the flavor just rocks

Our carts are superb, very clean and strong high, personally a 500mg cart lasts me about 5 days too!

We've had quite some few orders for the carts over the weekend, so i am expecting some reviews piling in very soon

Thanks pollypuff for the mention x
…down voted for that opinion?…wow, some people are harsh!
i like that g6 ones are lab tested, bit pricey but i just got one and its pretty nice, only had one hit but it was tickly and now i feel nice. result, now i can discreetly medicate my autism when im outside.
I'm with Poll on SCL's rosin carts, I have a Mercedes cart coming so will update you on that but it looks lush.
MH concentrates were my first cart and they are great with all4twenty being a more cost effective version of such. I haven't had them together to compare but they are similar
Doctor extracts has some interesting carts I found the live resin/disty cart really nice.

Only way to find out is to try and I would go SCL for something that feels similar to having smoked and any of the disty ones mentioned for that silly head high you can get 😉😁
how does littlebiggy manage to not get busted?
anyone using 510 carts? mine seems to have gone bad
making multiple orders with the one seller
best hash cutting knife?
morrocco just legalised medical production
best couch lock hash just now?
best gear for autism
being honest with mental health
pakistani hash
hash after brexit
hash, whats going on just now?
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how to open this cart?
started topic + 3 more
Best strain on Biggy for Pain and Sleep?
on the box it says 50% shatter 50% fractionated coconut oil. + 2 more
we are really all the same color
equality isnt real, none of us are equal, its something we work on. + 2 more
on  Cazzy13
Strong smoke !!
get some nice strong hash luv
amazingly sticky
started topic + 4 more
on  cnrb
Hash Recommendations?
Strongest hash
the triple filtered stuff from uk420
Taking a THC cart though customs UK to Ibiza
checked bag.
this sounds really nice
started topic + 2 more
Best LB product for medicinal purposes
also they have a spray which is good
on  Arfamix23
it happens, just got an ounce delivered from them, the wall is a weirdo sometimes. + 2 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
UK medical cannabis prescription how do you mean blag?
on  carverr
510 Battery with low Voltage for Carts recommendation.
i think i have one, what colour is that setting?
{buy help}
General Security buyers should use
using a fake name can be prblematic when you have to collect from the delivery office, you normally need id.
THC mg
one of my carts went black and stopped hitting 1/4 of the way in.
how do we know vapes on LB are legit
we dont. + 2 more
Best vape I’ve had
is this just a cart or is it a cart and battery?