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Due to List the Original Rare S5 Haze and some lovely amber Dewaxed shatter - Special items in time for black friday!!!
Fed up waiting guys sorry. Dispute day tomorrow. I wish we didn't have to this when a vendor let's you down but there it is. + 2 more
Best hash i've had yet
Agreed. It's lovely stuff, some of the best I've had to be sure.
Mix bundle & wedding cake
Already there dude. I wasn't going to hang about lol. Thanks man. It's all good. + 6 more
Same. Put some through the grinder then smoked and it tasted like 80s bush weed. Hermaphrodite plant as well. Won't buy from these guys again. Plenty …
What is your favourite thing to do while stoned.
Apart from the Headphones, candlelight and some proper immersive music like cosmic jazz, or death/sludge/black/doom metal, or something… + 2 more
Good luck. I'm having a nightmare with this mob. Loads of good vendors on here. Try The Green Team or God's Connect. Proper reliable. These dark net c… + 3 more
No response
I had to do that. Got my money back although they lied to the escrow people who thankfully saw through it. They're the worst (not the escrow folks, wh…
This bang on 4g nug of Elphinstone.
Frosty dude. I just got some today. Lovely stuff.
People need to have a little weed. Faith ain't gonna relieve my neuropathic pain. Still nothing in post. I don't think it was ever sent. At least I di… + 11 more
£200 down the drain
Having a mare with this crew. Avoid avoid. There are better, more reliable vendors on here, ones who don't get all precious when you ask a question.
One week later and still nothing
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