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Omega 1/10 Review
Dank, that is customer service. Nice one!!
filtered hash 17/9
Count me in . When is this to listed?
Best hash on here?
Agree. Have placed a couple of orders with Bob and his hash is AMAZING!! Stealth was a worry on first shipment but he has got better. If you havent tr…
New flavour - GELATO SORBET
Just ordered!! Good to see you back Hashlover its been a while :)
Help to this man out admin!!!
Agree!! Been swapping messages as want to replace a repeat order and all of his display has gone. Bring back BOB!!!
$5 1gram!!!!!
Just ordered, look forward to trying it
Genuine or not.??
Well after a few conversations with the new vendor on line, decided to bite the bulletin and order eggs, hash and skunk on a customised order. Will ke… + 2 more
I've tried this hash from Anonymuz Farmz at a collective in Spain before and it is seriously the Mutts Nuts. Just put an order in for some wedding cak…
Where are you
started topic
on  Bigbum
Shatter vs bud vs hash
Ordered a couple of your first batch and took delivery of the watermelon edibles today ☺ The RSO you used brought on a lovely high and a big smile on …
New product
Can you please bring back the haribo’s, Amazing! The only time I eat soup is when I am Sick, so no chance ;)
Been having the same problem, I logged in via a different device and luckily managed to order. @ hashlover420 I would keep any eye on that :)
Chuckle gummies review
total waste of money!!!! started with 2 yesterday, then another 2 an hour later and then guess what 4 this time and still no effect. Don't buy edibles…