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Both teams played hard my man.
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Good documentaries recommendations?
The same here- ended up eating less meat just because I started eating more veg :) Not a black/white path though as there are A LOT of poor quality &q… + 2 more
What Brought You To Biggy?
A reference from High and Polite + natural curiosity. + 2 more
lord of the rings - soviet version
Check out the CGI... even more fun if you speak the lingo ;)
on  eddie73
Just for fun...Finish the sentence.
Work- get shizzle done and after all is done, have a beer and a little dooooooobie
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Apparently, mango is another thing that goes well with it.
Has anybody tried higher dosage?
Hey MJconcentrate, are expecting a Pump Jack Sativa Oli back any soon?
Pumpjack 1:1 Oil
Bless and many thanks MJ! This is da real shizzle - winning format for me.
on  Jason1
Sativa or Indica?
Sativa, most of the time. You get an uplift, a lot of positivity and, the the honourable colleague has mentioned, "get shit done"!
Are we alone in the universe?
Statistically, we could be the only living souls in this Universe. However, this Universe is not the end of the world, as we know it.
Pusher (trilogy) The Subway Oldboy is good too
Brings back memories of the dam!
Thanks playa, this is the real shnizzll ! A sunny day in Jordaan... sweet memories!