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Both teams played hard my man.
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Possibly the Most Perfect Toking Album Ever Made?
Psyence Fiction by Unkle. Can walk for miles listening to this album.
Good documentaries recommendations?
The same here- ended up eating less meat just because I started eating more veg :) Not a black/white path though as there are A LOT of poor quality &q… + 2 more
Tried and tested edibles wanted !
I would recommend an oil-based concentrate, something like this: Works for me but you need to wait for about an ho… + 2 more
Favourite british Sitcoms when stoned?
I second to this - Peep Show dudes are the best!!!
on  Daf1462
how to break the reaching for a beer habit....suggestions please
Step 1 - Go to a pub with mates Step 2- Offer to buy a round Step 3- Pay over 6 quid (!!!) for a pint Step 4- ...and feel the butt-hurt ... PS I'm …