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Hey Bigga's

I hope your all good, just a bedroom 420er hoping to sample other strains and share some of what I have left over

here for the community :)
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Birthday Cake Kush
Sold Out
samples 2 and 3
by  jimny
Birthday Kush
Friday 8th May bank Holiday Post
Birthday Kake Cush plus Sample
Birthday Cake Kush
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Ballers or Billions
started topic + 4 more
How do banks "create" money?
not individual banks! but they do make money lol dont make much sense does it little ben
or try localbitcion LB + 3 more
started topic + 2 more
Negative Feedbacks and Disputes
Hey Guys, bill and i experienced the same thing, we brought it to light in a post...maybe in a more light hearted way lol, but got castigated glad … + 2 more
on  jgas
$102 Dollars for 5 GRAMS.
lol Must be super duper tirple dipple skunk hash kush F@?! Me Big Bill + 2 more
Where to buy bitcoin these days
localbitcoins is good, or use an atm if there is one close to you both reliable
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Hi from new user
shed always with the good advice... hope your well in these fun times brother! + 2 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
More bitcoin in my wallet than I bought ?
was gunna suggest the rise in BTC to GBP ratio but no way its doubled lol, you should be able to double spend either, but maybe you wallet hasnt updat…
EU/UK vendors overview (30APR2020)
EHHHH i made the list..thanks bro Big Bill
Blunt man
on  Blunt man
give us a try dude little ben
Startup - Amazon Prime Video
pirate jobby i think! + 2 more
New Small Seller. Advice Welcome.
Hey BB, im in the same boat i have surplus from my 4 babies, interested if you could share any info recieved from you posts...links or info, even hap… + 4 more