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Hey Bigga's I hope your all good, just a bedroom 420er hoping to sample other strains and share some of what I have left over here for the community :)
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10/10 Blue Sour Deez
rated 6 days ago   took 2 days to arrive edited 28 may 20
10/10 Sample Pack - 3g - 3 Strains
rated 6 days ago   took 6 days to arrive
10/10 Sample Pack - 3g - 3 Strains
rated 6 days ago   took 3 days to arrive
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Birthday Cake Kush
Sold Out
samples 2 and 3
by  jimny
Birthday Kush
Friday 8th May bank Holiday Post
Birthday Kake Cush plus Sample
Birthday Cake Kush
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$102 Dollars for 5 GRAMS.
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Hi from new user
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EU/UK vendors overview (30APR2020)
EHHHH i made the list..thanks bro Big Bill
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Order status still unpaid
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Blunt man
on  Blunt man
give us a try dude little ben