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Irish vendors????
Well, that is better than losing it altogether anyway ^^ If every person seized claim CBD and ask for a test: we will bury the custom under paperwork… + 4 more
on  M1K3K
Customs Ireland May 2021
Another seizure notice, my 3rd in 3 month. Only 1 order went through :/. Since I have 3 seizure (with their date and seizure reference number), i can… + 5 more
Parcel motel for UK / ROI fix
Would be sooooo great if that works!!! Does the post from North Ireland to ROI goes through custom?
Irish Customs - Dont bother anymore...
Same experience here... 3 seizures out of 4 orders. But 1 has been (partially) refunded, 1 will be reshipped to France, 1 is still in reship to irelan…
Tracking number
RB did send me the tracking last night! :) Package was sent on the 31th and is now somewhere between Dublin and Me ^^... Totally agree, btw: all my (… + 6 more
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Blackouts in China Have Pushed Bitcoin’s Hashrate Down 49%
I second that!! ETH, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin would be very easy to implement. And would mitigate the risk associated with putting all the eggs in a …
on  Budlover
Two love letters in a week
Got one (my 1st) last week. I'm afraid to ask for reship... Did anybody got his order alright in April 2021?..
Delayed post ROI
For me (rural ireland), it can take ages: 10 to 20 working days (so 2 to 5 weeks total...). But the saler aint always to blame. An Post is a shit show…