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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Tracking info weirdness...
Etiquette around postmans xmas tip?
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best way to smoke hash?
Fuck man, flashbacks to teenage whiteys reading th…
Good Morning All! Just finished posting the samples and test orders.Thank you guys for your help, I can't wait to read y…
Nah. Looks like he's done a bunk too. Worth disput…
Budget options and choices on LB
RB has some C grade bud for sale at the minute at …
Rex is hiring
I'm interested if you're still hiring
Does blockchain still put a week long hold on btc …
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Sleaford Mods
started topic + 2 more
RIP Sean Connery... Best bond?
Nah you're spot on, best bond by far. As for the …
Are Curly Wurlys a con?!
Agreed. My idea of a 'fun size' bar would be rough…
Movies, Shows and Docs Suggestions
It's definitely up there. First thing I've been ar… + 2 more
how do i contact TGT? still waiting for a NDD package after 3 days.
What's the difference? Genuine question, I always …
Royal mail delays
Yeah, I'm in the same situation. Ordered from two …
Request: Grow guide.
I found and /r/microgrowery on re…
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Where have you been all my life?
Welcome! Seems like a lot of folks have that "…
Would a fan leaf burn well enough and taste ok? Su…
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little help?
If you're really stuck you can buy co-codamol or s…
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What is your smoking song?
I've had that whole 'Open your eyes" ep on re…