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Tracking info weirdness...
Etiquette around postmans xmas tip?
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Irish Vendor!!
9 letters this year?! Holy shit man, fair play to ya. I'd have given it up as a bad job by that stage. Must be out some serious coin.
Friday Giveaway! / 2G AMNESIA HAZE
Nice idea SMONKEY. Good luck Biggas!
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Sleaford Mods
started topic + 2 more
Rex is hiring
I'm interested if you're still hiring
best way to smoke hash?
Fuck man, flashbacks to teenage whiteys reading this!
Good Morning All! Just finished posting the samples and test orders.Thank you guys for your help, I can't wait to read y…
Nah. Looks like he's done a bunk too. Worth disputing?
Budget options and choices on LB
RB has some C grade bud for sale at the minute at a pretty reasonable price. Had a q of it last week and was pleasantly surprised. Ordered more this w…
Does blockchain still put a week long hold on btc bought from them? Stopped using it in August because of this.
Are Curly Wurlys a con?!
Agreed. My idea of a 'fun size' bar would be roughly the dimensions of my bed.
Movies, Shows and Docs Suggestions
It's definitely up there. First thing I've been arsed to binge watch in ages. + 2 more
how do i contact TGT? still waiting for a NDD package after 3 days.
What's the difference? Genuine question, I always assumed NDD and signed delivery by 1pm were the same thing.
Royal mail delays
Yeah, I'm in the same situation. Ordered from two vendors, one last Thursday and one on Sunday. Still no sign of either order as of Friday evening, al…
Request: Grow guide.
I found and /r/microgrowery on reddit to be really helpful when I started out growing. The reddit site even has some beginners guides…